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The Silicone Baking Mat

The silicone baking mat is made of a silica gel pad, which is made of imported food grade silicone collagen material. No chemicals are added in the production process, so we can buy it at ease.

How to use silicone baking mat?

The use of a silicone baking mat is also relatively simple, and cleaning is very convenient, lightweight, high-temperature resistance, good skid resistance, and easy to clean. What's more, the silicone baking pad is food-grade, non-toxic, and can be used safely.

The silicone baking mat, made of high temperature silica cloth, is easy to use and can be used without oil painting. Since there is little flour on the inside and outside of the silicone baking tray pad, if we use sticky skin in daily use, we can brush some simple oil on the surface to avoid adhesion. You can also use a little water to use it. The first time you use a silicone pad, it's best to clean it. Most new products are in stock, so bacteria are produced. We have to clean it up before we can use it. After cleaning, it must be air-dried and then baked in the oven once.

Silicone baking mat can be produced with a series of customized patterns, such as macarone, buns, love shapes, kittens, dogs, and rabbits to ensure that the bread we make is more beautiful. The silicone backing pad can also be made according to customer requirements, and the price will be a little more expensive than some traditional cushions. However, the silicone baking mat can be used more than 500 times and its lifetime can reach 2 years.


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