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The Shelf Life of PTFE Adhesive Tape

1. PTFE adhesive tape is widely used

Industrial production needs to use multiple kinds of engineering plastics, while because of the outstanding performance of PTFE adhesive tape, it is preferred by people and is broadly used in the fields of condenser dielectric, insulation of electrical instruments, packaging, thermal plastics, composite, sealing heat-binding, electronic, electrical and so on. So, after purchasing PTFE adhesive tape, does it have an expiration date?

2. The shelf life of PTFE adhesive tape

PTFE adhesive tape does have an expiration date. According to the feedback from customers, the expiration date will affect the viscosity and strength of PTFE adhesive tape.

The adhesive of PTFE adhesive tape is silicone, and its viscosity will decrease over time. The viscosity will be at the best use stage within 3-5 months, so the manufacturers with a high requirement on the viscosity should use it up within 1 year after purchasing. PTFE adhesive tape will be oxidized if being exposed to the air for a long time, which will affect its strength. Although PTFE adhesive tape has a high strength initially, it will become easy to break when pulling because of the long-time exposure to air. PTFE adhesive tape is a consumable, so it should be replaced in time after using for a period of time, avoiding that the expiration date affects the production.

When the PTFE adhesive tape you purchased expired, you can choose the PTFE adhesive tape produced by Jiangsu Mutiflon Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd. It can be used in the cover tape of the slurry roller on dyeing machine, and can be used as the insulating layer for wire connection. It is of high quality and is worth buying!

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