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The Production Technology of Teflon Film Tape

1. The material of teflon flim tape

Teflon, also known as "non-stick coating" or "easy-to-clean material", is a synthetic polymer material using fluorine to replace all hydrogen atoms in polyethylene. This material has the resistance to acid, alkaline and all kinds of organic solvents, and it doesn't dissolve in almost all solvents.

2. Introduction of teflon film tape

Teflon film tape is made of suspended PTFE resin through molding, sintering, cooling into blank, turning and calendering. The film made by turning is called non-oriented film, which will become oriented film after rolling. When the non-oriented film is calendered 1.1-1.8 times, it becomes semi-oriented film. Self-adhesive teflon film tape is made by coating organic pressure sensitive adhesive on the one-side processed Teflon film. Teflon film tape has excellent electrical insulating property and temperature-resistance, so it can be broadly used as condenser dielectric, insulation of wires, insulation of electrical instruments and sealing liner. Teflon film tape can also be customized in color.

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