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The Applications of PTFE Films

PTFE films have very good physical and chemical properties, strong corrosion resistance, high insulation, ultra-high and low temperature resistance, aging resistance, etc. General applications: gasket seals and lubricating materials, electrical insulating parts used in various frequencies, capacitor media, wire insulation, electrical instrument insulation, etc. According to customer requirements, PTFE films can be made into many bright colors like white, black, red, yellow, blue, green and so on.

In the production of PTFE films, the high temperature resistant plastic pigment is added into the first grade suspended raw material, and fully stirred it by a high-speed mixer, then put the mixture into the molding die to form the initial PTFE rod workblank. After the sinter molding at  a maximum temperature of 380℃ and cooling, the PTFE film can be made by turning.

Most customers need the width of 40mm, 50mm or 10mm, and we can slit the whole roll according to the requirements. Because of the bright color, PTFE films are mainly used for color identification, binding, insulation, etc. They can be used in the insulation layer of high temperature and high voltage wires and cables, the binding of PTFE mesh belts transported by dryers, etc.

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