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Teflon High Temperature Conveyor Belt Welding Safety Measures and Installation

Ⅰ. Safety measures for welding of Teflon high temperature resistant conveyor belts

1. Use high temperature welding equipment to avoid scratches and collisions;

2. Wear a gas mask if the Teflon high temperature conveyor belt welding operation is performed in poor ventilation or for a long time;

3. Construction personnel must wear safety helmets when entering the welding construction site of Teflon high temperature resistant conveyor belt;

4. Operators must strictly abide by the company's safety operating procedures;

5. Select the bonding site, which should be in a place with good ventilation;

6. The electrical equipment used for Teflon high temperature resistant conveyor belt welding should be grounded;

7. In a dusty environment, dust-proof measures must be taken and a shed should be used;

8. Smoking is strictly prohibited in the working area of Teflon conveyor belt;

9. Hard-soled plastic shoes are not allowed to enter the construction site;

10. Since the materials used for bonding are all flammable substances, fireproof equipment should be provided.

Ⅱ. How to install Teflon conveyor belt in drying equipment?

1. Fix one end of the Teflon conveyor belt on the drying equipment rack with a clamp, and tighten the conveyor belt at the other end through the pulley until there is no obvious sagging on the Teflon conveyor belt load-bearing idler.

2. Put a flexible shaft on the coiling iron core of the Teflon conveyor belt, and put the belt in a good position. Before putting it on the rack, pay attention to the direction of the upper and lower cover glues not to be reversed.

3. If the Teflon conveyor belt is to be replaced, the new conveyor belt can be connected with the old conveyor belt, and the unloading of the belt and the installation of the new Teflon conveyor belt can be carried out at the same time.

4. For the drying equipment conveyed horizontally, the old conveyor belt can be cut off at any point, and the drying equipment conveyed by the slope needs to select the cut point to prevent the slide out of control due to its own weight.

5. In the workplace that is not suitable for shelves, the Teflon conveyor belt can be rolled upside down, and the Teflon conveyor belt at the folded place has a large enough radius of curvature to prevent damage to the Teflon conveyor belt. Place heavy objects on it.

6. After the position of the new conveyor belt is placed horizontally on the drying equipment, one end of the conveyor belt is fixed with a clamp, and then connected to the rope that bypasses the roller and the pulley.

Pull the Teflon conveyor belt to the drying equipment in a balanced manner through the traction device. When pulling, prevent the Teflon conveyor belt from squeezing each other with the frame.

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