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Teflon High Temperature Cloth Was Applied in Microwave Vulcanization Process of Rubber

1. Teflon high temperature cloth for rubber microwave vulcanization process

The microwave vulcanization process of rubber is mainly used in processes such as rubber compression molding, rubber extrusion and rubber preheating.

The biggest feature of the microwave vulcanization process is that heat is generated from the inside of the heated object, which overcomes the large temperature difference between the surface and the interior caused by the heat transfer of the commonly used heating medium, which is conducive to improving the bonding strength and quality of rubber products and can greatly shorten the production time.

In the process of rubber microwave vulcanization, Teflon conveyor belt or Teflon high temperature cloth is a key auxiliary material, because the rubber softens very seriously during the rubber vulcanization process, which makes the rubber easy to stick to the pressing plate or the vulcanization surface. Teflon conveyor belt or Teflon high temperature cloth can solve this problem very well.

Using Teflon conveyor belt or Teflon high temperature cloth for rubber vulcanization can reduce the production loss of rubber enterprises, improve production efficiency and improve product quality.

2. What is the difference between Teflon high temperature cloth and PTFE mesh belt when drying?

First of all, they are all high temperature resistant materials and can be used for a long time below 260°C. Both have wear-resistant properties, so drying at high temperatures is the preferred material.

Second, they are both non-sticky. Because, PTFE is not sticky, whether it is at room temperature or high temperature.

They are resistant to corrosion and UV light as well as other light sources. For example, UV light curing machine uses PTFE mesh belt. For disinfection and drying, PTFE mesh belt and Teflon high temperature cloth are used.

They all have a certain strength and can generally be used in lamination situations, such as Teflon high-temperature cloth can be used in laminators.

The main differences between them are as follows:

Teflon high-temperature cloth is generally used for drying powdery things. Teflon high-temperature cloth is not breathable and is generally used for drying media with less moisture. Because of the mesh, the PTFE mesh belt has better ventilation function.

However, the strength of Teflon high temperature cloth is better than that of PTFE mesh belt. Of course, we can determine the mesh of the PTFE mesh belt according to the size of the powder.

For example, some powder particles are relatively large, and a PTFE mesh belt with a smaller mesh can be used. For example, a 1*0.5mm mesh belt can dry many powdered media with relatively large particles.

The surface of Teflon high temperature cloth is generally smooth, and the surface of PTFE mesh belt is relatively rough. Therefore, for the relatively high requirements on surface smoothness, it is necessary to choose the conveyor belt made of Teflon high temperature cloth.

The joints of the two are very different. The joints of PTFE mesh belts are generally bullnose joints or steel buckle joints. There are many kinds of joints for Teflon high-temperature cloth conveyor belts, generally lap joints, zigzag joints, bull nose joints and so on. The lap is sometimes a 45-degree bevel lap.

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