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Teflon Baking Mat

Teflon Baking Mat Introductions

Teflon baking sheet is good alternative for baking paper because it is reusable and has a nonstick surface on both sides. The sheet is coated with PTFE, this non-stick coating allows you to bake without adding butter, fat or oil, place one piece in you baking tin and oven tray, nothing will sticks and keep your oven tray clean. Teflon baking sheet withstands high heat up to 500°F, suitable for all ovens like gas, electric and microwave oven. With durable fabric reinforced inside, Teflon baking sheet can be reusable time and time again, thus it is cost effective.

Teflon baking sheet is 100% nonstick, you can bake sticky pastries, cheesy dishes on the liner without worrying about messy removal, you will not need to scrub pans any more which means it will save your time and help to protect your cookware. 

Teflon Baking Mat Details

Teflon baking sheet provides healthy and low calorie cooking, no need for greasing, butter and flouring by using this liner because its surface does not stick to anything, cookies, bread or meat will just slip off after baking or roasting.

Teflon baking sheet is simply wiped clean and reusable, when you finish cooking, simply wipe this liner with a damp cloth or wash in soapy water. The liner is also a dishwasher, need to place on the top rack. But we recommend hand-wash to preserve its life. After cleaning, allow air to dry and stock by lay flat or rolled, the liner can be reused for several times.

Teflon baking sheet is food grade, the sheet is coated with food-grade PTFE, material passed FDA and LFGB, can touch food directly even under high temperature.

Teflon baking sheet improves productivity and efficiency for food processing, the liner is 100% nonstick, easy to clean, you don’t need to take time for messy cleaning, it will increase uptime.

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