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Technology of Teflon High Temperature Fabric and Its Influencing Factors on the Price of UHMWPE

Ⅰ. Does Teflon high temperature fabric support single-sided technology?

Many people want to use a tape with anti-corrosion properties, high temperature resistance, and good anti-stick properties. However, many tapes on the market are either not resistant to high temperatures, or are not anti-corrosion or anti-stick.

Therefore, everyone might be troubled by this. Today, we will introduce Teflon sticky tape to you.

Everyone may know that Teflon high temperature fabric has excellent non-stick properties and good wear resistance, and it is widely used in the demoulding industry and the machinery industry.

However, many users need Teflon high temperature fabric that can be bonded with metal or plastic. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the surface of the Teflon high temperature fabric to change the chemical composition.

Teflon high temperature fabric will be coated with high temperature resistant glue after a sodium treatment, then it becomes Teflon sticky tape that everyone needs.

Normally, the sodium naphthalene solution method is used to treat the Teflon coating on the surface of the Teflon high temperature fabric. The sodium naphthalene solution is a corrosive solvent, which is mainly composed of sodium, naphthalene and other active materials.

It can chemically react with the fluorine molecules in Teflon to achieve the ideal effect of sticking glue on the surface of high temperature fabric.

Single-sided natrified Teflon high temperature fabric can be coated with glue. Since it has both sticky and non-stick sides, it is now widely used in textile printing and dyeing, food processing, packaging and sealing, and bearing industries.

Ⅱ. What will affect the price of UHMWPE of Teflon high temperature fabric?

With the rapid improvement of production, UHMWPE has been favored by manufacturers due to its wide application prospects. The most important factor for manufacturers in purchasing UHMWPE is the price.

(1) Changes in downstream demand: The market price of UHMWPE of Teflon high temperature fabric also fluctuates as downstream demand changes. When downstream consumption increases and supply is insufficient, the market price will rise. When downstream consumption weakens and the upstream supply is sufficient, the market price will fall.

(2) Different raw materials: UHMWPE is the most expensive, of which 9 million molecular weight, 5 million molecular weight and 3 million molecular weight are the mainstream products.

The second is high-density polyethylene. In general, it has a molecular weight of 500,000 to 1 million. Another option for Teflon high temperature fabric is low-density polyethylene, whose molecular weight is below 300,000.

(3) Different regions: There are differences in regional income since the international sales prices are different.

(4) Different machining accuracy: The material utilization rates of large-scale numerical control equipment and traditional mechanical equipment are different. The higher the utilization rate, the lower the price.

(5) Changes in product inventory: Inventory changes also affect the market price of UHMWPE. If the regional inventory increases and traders are willing to ship, the price will decrease. If the inventory of Teflon high temperature fabric is insufficient and traders are willing to stock up goods, the price will increase.

(6) Different production processes: Enterprises that have passed 1SO9000 have strict control of production technology and process, and have improved product inspection systems. As product cost goes down, the price will decrease.

(7) Different sales channels and networks also make the price of Teflon high temperature fabric UHMWPE different.

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