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Specific Requirements for Teflon High-temperature Fabric Application in Food Industry

Ⅰ. What are the specific requirements of Teflon high temperature fabric in the food industry?

1. Teflon high temperature fabric must have sufficient tensile strength, expansion and contraction quantity, tear resistance and coating adhesion to meet the requirements of food production.

2. Teflon high temperature fabric must have good load resistance, so as to meet the weight and load of materials in food processing.

3. Teflon high temperature fabric needs to have good impact resistance, and can quickly rebound during the impact process without affecting the strength of the high temperature fabric and the surface Teflon coating.

4. Teflon high temperature fabric has good adhesion and maintains good friction with the rollers of food drying equipment.

5. The surface of Teflon high temperature fabric should be smooth and free of black spots, stable in size and easy to process.

7. Teflon high temperature fabric needs to have good temperature resistance, stability, wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance, and other properties.

6. Teflon high temperature fabric needs to meet the EU Rohs food certification, SGS food coating certification and FDA food certification. Teflon high temperature fabric does not release toxic gases during food drying and processing.

Ⅱ. Customers should use low-priced Teflon high-temperature cloth with caution

Now some small and medium-sized business owners have a bad purchasing habit, that is, they like to use low-cost Teflon high-temperature cloth. When large companies buy Teflon high-temperature cloth, they will basically pay attention to the quality of high-temperature cloth, the company's technical support and after-sales service.

Here I would like to persuade some small and medium-sized business owners. The price of good quality Teflon high temperature cloth insulation is generally higher than that of ordinary ones. Don't buy those low-quality high-temperature cloth products for the sake of temporary cheapness.

In the case of the same production level, limited by the production cost, the quality will naturally be slightly worse if the price is reduced. The quality is the guarantee for the normal production of the enterprise.

We purchase advanced production equipment to produce high-quality products, and the production efficiency of Teflon high-temperature cloth with high quality and good performance will naturally increase. If we buy low-quality Teflon high-temperature cloth for the sake of small gain, the result must be a big loss.

Is the baking sheet Teflon high temperature fabric? Many people are looking for baking sheets. In fact, there are many kinds of baking sheets. However, in our industry, baking sheets actually refer to Teflon high-temperature cloth, and some people call them Teflon baking sheets.

Teflon baking sheet is a kind of Teflon high temperature cloth insulation that can be used repeatedly in the baking tray of the oven. It is made of glass fiber cloth coated with Teflon. Then according to the shape of the baking pan, it is cut into a specific shape or a specific specification to become the Teflon baking sheet used on the baking pan.

Teflon baking sheets generally have two functions: used for food heating and as oven gaskets, both of which utilize the high temperature resistance and anti-stick properties of high temperature fabric.

This product is an environmentally friendly product. Teflon high temperature fabric can be used repeatedly, so it has been widely used in food processing industries such as bread processing, cakes, and biscuits.

The common specifications of Teflon baking sheets are 380×580, and the thickness is mostly 0.08MM and 0.13MM, but the actual size can be cut according to customer requirements.

However, the loss caused by the specific specifications is different, so it also affects the price of each baking sheet. The coil specifications of Teflon high temperature fabric are 1 meter and 1.23 meters.

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