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Silicone Pastry Mat

Silicone Pastry Mat Introductions

Silicone pastry mat is great for rolling out pie crust, bread dough, pizza and even fondant which is quite sticky, made of high quality, non-toxin material and coated with food grade silicone, this healthy rolling mat provides a nonstick and anti-slip surface which will protect countertop while providing convenience for pastry and makes the mat stay in place. No sticking, no tons of flour, no mess.

Silicone pastry mat is oven safe, it is not just a normal pastry mat, it is high heat resistant. The mat is oven safe to 500°F(260 °C) and also suitable for microwave.

Silicone Pastry Mat Details

Silicone pastry mat is perfect for rolling cookie, pie, bread and dough, with this pastry mat, you can roll out your cookies without using tons of flour or grease, and can easily lift the off. Handy measurement along the edge and concentric circles can help you to shape your dough to the right sizes without a ruler and easy to roll pie dough from 4” to 14” according to the measured circles. Temperature and measurement conversion is also printed on the mat to save your time.

Silicone pastry mat is made of food-grade material which is PFOA free, you can simply place the baked goods directly on this liner and put them in the oven, no toxin will create under high temperature.

Silicone pastry mat is easy cleaning up and reusable, when you finish rolling, just shake excess flour into the trash can, nothing else will stuck on the surface, and no messy on your countertop too. The mat wipes clean in soap water or you can put in on the top rack of dishwasher, with a durable fabric reinforced, the mat can be reused for several times.

OEM service is provided, we can print any design on the mat according to customers’ request, various kinds of packaging can also be customized.

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