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Silicone Coated Mesh Fabric

Silicone Coated Mesh Fabric Introductions

Silicone coated mesh fabric is structured by woven fiberglass mesh impregnated with PTFE on both sides, coated with silicone, the fabric provides nonstick surface and prevent food from sticking on. Uniform hole size offers good control of heat airflow, allows food to release moisture evenly and create more crispy surface to make food taste great. The fabric is easy to cut, any size and any shape can be customized to fit the oven trays, different mesh holes will fit to bake different kinds of food in order to prevent food falling through and make a mess in the oven and dehydrator.

Silicone coated mesh fabric is heat resistant from -100~500°F(-73-260 °C), it is suitable for all ovens not matter gas oven, electric oven except the oven with direct fire. 

Silicone coated mesh fabric is non-stick, our silicone mesh fabric is coated with a high content of food-grade silicone, it will touch more soft, flexible and anti-slip, provide better performance on release property.

Silicone Coated Mesh Fabric Details

Silicone coated mesh fabric help to save time, the fabric wash easily, non stick for food, rinse off fast and scrub up well. The fabric is coated with food grade silicone which is PFOA free and FDA approved, can touch food directly safely.

Silicone coated mesh fabric in mesh size of 1mm x 1mm, this fabric has small holes, normally make into perforated silicone baking mat. Common colors of this material are light brown and black, we will cut the fabric into the desired size, then dip edge treatment, we also provide OEM service, any size an way of packing can be customized, logo can also be printed on the mat

Silicone coated mesh fabric in mesh size of 4mm x 4mm is widely used for food processing or dehydrating to replace traditional polyurethane mesh because silicone mesh can resist higher temperatures and provides a longer lifetime.    

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