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Silicone Baking Mat

Silicone Baking Mat Introductions

With silicone baking mat, you never have to use cooking spray, pan greasing and parchment paper again. Parchment paper is disposable, easy to burn and stick to your baked food. But with this silicone baking mat, you can find it a very convenient multi-use mat from kneading, rolling and shaping dough to baking cookies, fondant and bread and even to freeze fruit, all the food will not stuck on the surface. 

Silicone baking mat is oven safe, the mat withstands high temperature up to 500°F(260 °C), it can be used in all types of toaster ovens except direct-fire ovens, heat will be quickly transferred to the mat and to food. It is also suitable for the freezer due to its cold resistance.

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