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Roundup Toaster Conveyor Belt

Nonstick Toaster Belt Introductions

Nonstick toaster belt is specially designed for high speed commercial toaster ovens, the belt is made of wove fiberglass fabric coated with food grade silicone which makes its surface non-stick, anti-slip, basic material offers high tensile strength for long lifetime. Toaster belt is customized in different sizes and installs with stainless steel alligator joint. The belt remains safe with non toxin under high temperature up to 500°F(260 °C).

Nonstick toaster belt is designed to use in high speed toasters like A J Antunes, Prince Castle, Marshall, Round up and APW Wyott. Standard color is black, size be customized according to different ovens. Our silicone toaster belt is with wavy tread system on one side and straight tread system on the other side, the wavy tread is perfect to help the belt grip the bun throughout the toasting process in order to provide the bun precise amount of heat and required toasting time.

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