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Through the supply chain

Quality should start with the supply chain. Variable raw materials affect the variability of the manufacturing process output. Mutiflon chooses excellent fiberglass yarn and import PTFE dispersion from Japanese DAIKIN. 

Through a clean workspace

A clean environment will help enhance quality control and decrease risk, Mutiflon provide a better workspace for your employees,

Through quality control plan management

Mutiflon has attained ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification and SGS international certification. A quality control plan for new products should be developed as the manufacturing process.

Through technical training

Technology makes production more efficient and better at quality control. Mutiflon set up a new-employee orientation training that trains workers to focus on quality issues from their first day on the job.

Through equipment upgrading

Mutiflon upgrade production equipment to enhance quality, increase production efficiency and on-time deliveries.

Through inspections before shipment

In Mutiflon, inspections are occurred at various times before, during and after production.

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