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PTFE is Really the "King of Plastics" for Its Various Applications

With the accumulation and development in many years, especially in the recent ten years, there has been a fast development in the technology of PTFE industry, and the ability to produce PTFE has also been improving constantly. Since the characteristic of PTFE is so unique, what aspects is it usually used in?

1. The use of PTFE film in anti-corrosion

PTFE has already been used broadly in oil, textile and many other industries because of its outstanding corrosion resistance, for example, PTFE fabric. The typical usages include vent-pipe, steam pipe, high, medium or low pressure pipeline and valve. The advantages of PTFE can be showed especially in a relative severe environmental condition that other regular materials cannot be used, such as low temperature and anti-stick.

2. The use of PTFE film's anti-stick ability

PTFE has a low surface tension and doesn't attach to other substances. It has the characteristic of high and low temperature resistance, so it has an ideal applicability of non-stick pans in the anti-stick aspect. In addition, its anti-stick processes usually cover two categories: The first one is to assemble PTFE parts on the substrate; the second one is to put PTFE processed by thermal shrinkage on the substrate in accordance with relevant specifications.

3.The use of PTFE film in architectures

PTFE resin can be smeared on the superfine glass fabric. PTFE membrane material has advantages including light weight, high intensity, fire retardant, good self-cleaning properties. Also, it is not affected by ultraviolet light, has resistance to fatigue, to distortion, and to aging, long service life, high transparency and low heat absorption. It is the invention of this diachronic membrane material that makes architectures with membrane structures become modern permanent constructions.

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