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PTFE Fiber Has Occupied Every Corner Of Life

The PTFE fiber has a wide range of fineness distribution, fiber strength reach to 1.37 cN /dtex, its melting point is about 327 ° C, limiting oxygen index is 95%, friction coefficient is about 0.2, and a water contact angle of the fiber is about 120°. The material is currently used mainly in the following aspects.

Application in the filter material

The bag filter developed by PTFE staple fiber has excellent temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and good oxidation resistance. Therefore, it can be used as a filter for high temperature and high humidity dust; PTFE filter has good low friction, smooth and easy-to-clean surface, low running resistance, good flame retardancy, electric and heat insulation, can be used in a long time.

Application in filter material

Applications in aerospace and personal protection

The spacesuit is generally composed of underwear, ventilation layer, thermal insulation layer, airtight restriction layer, water cooling suit, heat insulation suit and tear proof layer. The constraining layer is made of polyamide fiber, PTFE fiber or aramid. The main material of the tear proof layer is synthetic fiber such as aramid or PTFE fabric.

Application in construction

Membrane structure building material is made of PTFE woven fabric laminated with PTFE film on the sruface, the material has good light transmittance, can reduce the cost of lighting and air conditioning, has good aging resistance, low friction coefficient and is not easy to accumulate ash. The construction period of the roof can be shortened by 50%, lightweight and non-combustible, and the degree of design freedom is large. Therefore, it can be used as a roofing material for outdoor courts, arenas, gymnasiums, ice rinks, swimming pools, large exhibitions, etc.

Application in construction

Application in the field of self-lubrication

PTFE fiber has a low coefficient of friction and is made into a fabric self-lubricating liner by weaving and impregnating it in a resin such as phenolic resin or epoxy resin. During the heavy-duty wear process, a PTFE transfer film is formed between the inner and outer ring contact surfaces of the joint bearing, thereby significantly reducing the friction coefficient and prolonging the service life of the self-lubricating joint bearing. Sliding bearings with PTFE fiber or fabric are lubricated, durable and have good environmental adaptability. They are widely used in the industrial field of bearings with high load, maintenance-free, small size and light weight. PTFE fiber bearings are used in food processing machinery to ensure food hygiene and to eliminate lubricant contamination.

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