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PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric

PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is a new type of high temperature and corrosion-resistant fluorine-containing polymer elastomer coated with glass fiber. It is a new multi-purpose composite material. Its unique acid resistance and corrosion resistance, excellent weather aging resistance, as well as the characteristics of softness and toughness, are superior to ordinary silicone rubber coated fabrics.

The properties of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric are as follows:

1. It can be used between low temperature - 196 ℃ and high temperature of 250 ℃;

2. The surface tension is very small, not easy to adhere to any substance, with self-cleaning performance;

3. It can resist the corrosion of strong acid, strong alkali, aqua regia, and various organic solvents;

4. The low friction coefficient is the best choice for oil-free self-lubrication;

5. It has excellent weather resistance and its service life can reach 20 years;

6. It has high insulation performance;

7. PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is soft and can be made into products of different shapes and sizes.

Main uses of PTFE coated fiberglass fabric:

1. It is widely used in construction, aviation, electronics, textile, food, medicine, clothing, and other fields;

2. It can be used for building membrane, lining, and liner, anti-sticking conveyor belt, high-frequency copper clad laminate, insulating material, microwave drying conveyor belt, flexible compensator, low friction material, etc;

3. It can be used for anti-corrosion coating, anti-freezing coating, and fireproof coating of joints, flanges, pipes, and instruments.

Conventional varieties:

1. Single side coating

2. Double-sided coating

Width: 1000-1500mm

Thickness: 0.14-0.6mm

Mass per unit area: 150g / m2-800g / m2

Color: black, white, gray, orange, etc.

Store and transport in the environment of 0-40 ℃, relative temperature < 75%, at least 1 m away from the heat source, and avoid contact with acid-base and other harmful properties of rubber, and prevent extrusion and sharp objects during transportation.

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