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Adhesive PTFE Acrylic Tape

PTFE Acrylic Tape Introductions

PTFE acrylic tape is constructed by woven fiberglass cloth reinforced PTFE with high temperature acrylic adhesive on one side, compare with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive, acrylic adhesive has lower temperature resistance but high initial adhesion, it temperature range is from -40 ~ +170°C, cost of acrylic adhesive is lower than that of silicone adhesive, thus PTFE acrylic tape is more suitable for application where economic is more important than temperature resistance.

PTFE acrylic tape maintains the common features of PTFE adhesive tape such as high heat resistant, chemical resistant, low friction and nonstick surface, high tear resistant, not easy to breakdown.

PTFE Acrylic Tape Details

PTFE acrylic tape is consists of PTFE glass cloth and acrylic adhesive, the thickness of PTFE glass cloth determine the thickness of tape because the acrylic adhesive is always in thickness of 0.05mm, PTFE glass cloth varies from 0.08mm-0.25mm. The standard width of this tape is also 1000mm (39”) and 1250mm(49”), small width like 1/2”, 1” are easy to cut.

Backing paper of PTFE acrylic and PTFE adhesive tape is also different, backing liner of PTFE adhesive tape is always corrugated PVC paper while backing liner of PTFE acrylic tape is plain PVC paper.

Typical applications of PTFE acrylic tape include poly bag and plastic film packaging, food handling guides and rollers, impulse sealing, printing equipment components, electronic equipment guides, cabinet slides, etc.

ColorAdhesive TypeFabric Thickness (mm)Total Thickness (mm)AdhesionTemperature
Item Code(N/cm)(°C )
MT7008CBrown/Black/White/Blue/GreenAcrylic0.08mm0.13mm3.5-40 ~ +170
MT7013CBrown/White/Blue/GreenAcrylic0.13mm0.18mm4-40 ~ +170

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