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Teflon Mesh Sheet 1*1mm

Teflon Mesh Sheet, high heat resistant and nonstick surface.

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The Details of Teflon Mesh Sheet

Teflon mesh is constructed by specially weaved fiberglass yarn impregnated with high-level PTFE coating to achieve superior release, high temperature and chemical resistance features. Teflon mesh can be continuously working under high temperatures up to 315℃, excellent for heat tunnels, baking ovens and dying machines. The surface of the material is 100% nonstick and easy to clean. The open area is 1mm x 1mm, allows airflow to improve drying time.


The Advantage of Teflon Mesh Sheet

  • Operating temperature from -73-315℃(-100-600℉)

  • Mesh holes offer open area for quick drying

  • Non-stick surface, easy to clean

  • Light weight and more cost effective than stainless steel wire mesh belt

  • Microwave and UV resistant

  • High strength and dimensional stable

  • Electric insulated

  • Resistant to chemical corrosion

  • Non-toxic and FDA approval, can contact food directly

The Specification of Teflon Mesh Sheet

Mutiflon offers various PTFE mesh conveyor belt for you to choose from:

Mesh Size Options:


1mm x 1mm                          2mm x 2.5mm                       2mm x 2.5mm                        4mm x 4mm


4mm x 4mm                          4mm x 4mm                          4mm x 4mm                           10mm x 10mm

Joint Options:


Bullnose joint         Spiral joint            Alligator joint        Clipper joint        Kevlar Hinge joint

Edge Reinforcement:


Guiding studs              Kevlar guide cord          Film reinforcement       Fabric reinforcement

The Specification of Teflon Mesh Sheet

Item Code




Hole Size

Max Width







1 x 1mm




The Application of Teflon Mesh Sheet

  • Garment Silk Screen Drying
    Mesh holes improves airflow to dry ink quickly under high temperature, PTFE mesh belt withstand temperature to 315℃, run smooth and provides non-stick surface, ink do not stick on the belt, easy to clean.

  • Food industry
    Teflon mesh conveyor belt is the most suitable for food drying ovens due to its non-stick surface and food grade material. Applied in drying machines to bake cereal, pet food, to dehydrate beans before making packaged beans, to grilling beef jerky.

  • Screen printing industry
    To transport printed paper, textile, plastic, ceramic and other materials heat ovens and cooling chambers.

  • For UV curing machine
    PTFE mesh belt is not only heat resistant, but also UV and IR resistant, perfect as conveyor belt for gloss laminating of paper, veneer laminating to MDF, curing of plywood and PVC or PU carpet titles.

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