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Silicone Coated Mesh Fabric

Silicone Coated Mesh Fabric

Silicone mesh sheet has nonstick and anti-slip surface, it is mainly used for baking process under high temperature

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Silicone Coated Mesh Fabric
Silicone Coated Mesh Fabric
Silicone Coated Mesh Fabric

The Details of Silicone Mesh Sheet

Silicone mesh sheet is structured by high quality fiberglass mesh coated with high content food grade platinum silicone, common mesh holes include 1mm*1mm and 4mm*4mm. Silicone mesh sheet withstand high temperature up to 260°C (500℉). With high content silicone coating, surface of our silicone mesh is much more flexible than that in the market and feels more anti-slippy. Standard color of this silicone mesh sheet is black and translucent beige.

The Advantages of Silicone Mesh Sheet

  • Approved FDA and LFGB, non toxin and BPA free

  • Resistant to high and low temperature during -40~260°C (-40~500℉)

  • Anti-slip and anti-stick surface, wear resistant

  • Strong and durable fiberglass structure

  • Reusable and can be used for hundreds times

  • Easy to clean, just wipe with soft water or put into dishwasher

  •  Mesh holes provides permeability to promote baking

  • Oil resistance for long time use

The Specifications of Silicone Mesh Sheet

Item Code



Mesh Hole

Max Width

Normal Length

Temperature resist


Silicone, Fiberglass

Black, Beige



30m, 33m, 50m, 100m




The Applications of Silicone Mesh Sheet

Silicone mesh sheet is high heat resistant and porous, widely used in various industries:

  • Silicone coated mesh can be customized into silicone conveyor belt with special joint.

  • Silicone mesh sheet is perfect for baking paste, pizza and bread, mesh holes provides homogeneous cooking and crispy bottom. The material is easy to cut, any size is available.

  • Silicone mesh sheet resist to low temperatures, thus also ideal as a freezing support.

  • Flexible silicone mesh sheet can also be used for filtering

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