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Non Stick Reusable Baking Sheet

Non Stick Reusable Baking Sheet

Non stick reusable baking mat is nonstick and durable, a good alternative to disposable baking paper, helps to keep your oven clean

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Non Stick Reusable Baking Sheet
Non Stick Reusable Baking Sheet

The Details of Non Stick Reusable Baking Mat

Non stick reusable baking mat coated with Teflon on both sides offers a nonstick surface, the non-stick coating allows you to bake without adding butter, fat or oil, it is place in the baking tin or oven tray, nothing sticks to the tray and cookies just slip off after baking. The non stick baking mat can also be used as oven liner, place the sheet at the bottom rack of oven, it will help to catch drips and keep your oven clean. Our PTFE coating material is food grade, passed FDA and LFGB, this mat is able to withstand heat up to 260 ℃(500℉).

The Advantages of Non Stick Reusable Baking Mat

  • Withstand temperature up to 260 ℃(500℉)

  • Nonstick surface, easy to clean

  • Reusable, can be reused hundreds times

  • Suitable for baking, roasting, grilling and freezing

  • Easy cut to fit different size of baking trays

  • Non-toxic and food grade material

  • Dishwasher safe

  • PFOA free and FDA compliant

Packing Way of Non Stick Reusable Baking Mat

  • 2pcs baking sheet packing flat in OPP bag, with colorful instruction paper insert and one logo label outside the bag

  • 2pcs rolled in mail box or color box

  • If you are end user, do not need special packing, we can offer in bulk packing, 100pcs flat in OPP bag

How to use Non Stick Reusable Baking Mat?

1. Wash the baking sheet before using it

2. Place one piece baking sheet in the oven tray, and another piece on the bottom rack to catch drips.

3. Turn oven on to raise temperature up to at least 180℃(356℉), about 5 minutes.

4. Place prepared dough and cookies on the reusable baking sheet and send them to oven for baking

5. Cookies just slip off  after baking, nothing will stick on the liner

6. Wash the baking mat with warm soap water, allow air dry

Non Stick Reusable Baking Sheet

Care Instructions of Non Stick Reusable Baking Mat

  • Do not use this baking mat above temperature 500℉/260℃

  • Do not contact with flame or heating element directly

  • Do not use sharp utensils, better to use wooden or silicone utensils

The Specifications of Non Stick Reusable Baking Mat

Product name

Non stick baking mat


PTFE coated fiberglass


33x40cm, 30x40cm, 11-1/2” x 16”



Heat Resistance


Suitable machines

Full size and half size oven, roster, grill, microwave, freezer

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