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Non Stick Oven Trays

Non Stick Oven Crisper Trays

Oven crisper tray is customized by the PTFE coated fiberglass mesh which allows air to pass through and circulate around 360 degrees of your food for the perfect crispy surface. This crispy tray is used in almost all Subways.

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Non Stick Oven Trays
Non Stick Crisper Trays

Oven Crisper Tray Introductions

Oven crisper tray is using PTFE coated fabric or PTFE coated fiberglass mesh to be made into a tray structure, the tray offers nonstick surface and heat resistant up to 500°F(260 °C). You can crisp all types of frozen and thawed food without additional butter, oil and cooking sprays, don’t need to turn over food constantly, it makes your crisping and cooking more convenient. 

Oven crispy tray has a 100% non-stick surface, it is perfect for cooking items like sandwiches and flatbread, even the toughest, messiest food will not stick on it.

Oven Crisper Tray Details

Oven crispy tray makes cooking healthy, the material of this tray is food grade which passed FDA, with a nonstick surface, no more butter and oil is needed, you can place food directly in the tray without worrying about toxin, PFOA.

Oven crispy tray can be reused for hundreds of times, the tray has a sturdy construction, it is held together by durable PTFE trim, or silicone trim with reinforced steel or connect four corners with food grade stainless steel button which will offer stability when place and remove the tray from the oven. 

Oven crispy tray can be customized into any size and make a complete set, like a large size 10.5” x 12” and a small size 8.5” x 10”. The small tray is suitable for toaster ovens.

Solid PTFE oven tray is made of PTFE coated fabric in thickness of 0.35mm which is solid to prevent food falling down, he tray transfer heat relatively little lower than oven mesh basket, thus it makes food even brown.

Oven mesh tray is made of PTFE mesh with 2x2.5mm and 4x4mm holes, the hole allows heat and air to circulate around food like chips, pizza, chicken nuggets and give crispy surface. This nonstick oven basket is used in almost all the Subways.

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