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Miracle Grill Mat

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The Details of Miracle Grill Mat

Grill mat is coated with heavy duty PTFE (PFOA free) which makes it 100% non-stick and temperature resistant up to 260 ℃(500℉), this BBQ grill mat is in thickness of 0.20mm, are perfect for grilling fish, steaks, burgers, chicken wings, vegetables and pizza. The food just slides off when they are well done, nothing will stick on the mat, just wipe clean and make your grilling easier and fantastic. This miracle grill mat is also reusable, can be used over and over again.

The Advantages of Miracle Grill Mat

  • Nonstick. Our miracle grill mat is coated with high level of PTFE which offers long lasting 100% nonstick surface than the thinner and low quality grill mat.

  • Safe. Our grill mat is able to withstand heat up to 500 degree and totally PFOA and BPA free. The mat also helps to cook low fat dishes cooked outside.

  • Convenient. Just place this grill mat on your grill, never worry about food getting stuck and sauce dripping. The mat is nonstick and just wipe clean after using.

  • Versatility. This grill mat can be used to cook almost anything you want, no matter chicken, steak, or vegetables. The mat can also be used as oven liner, baking liner.

  • Washable. Our miracle grill mat is not disposable, it is reusable, thus can be washed after using to use over and over again.

  • Adaptable. This grill mat is easy to cut into any size or shape you need to fit your applications.

The Specifications of Miracle Grill Mat

MaterialPTFE coated fiberglass
Common Size330mm x 400mm (13” x 15.75”)
400mm x 500mm (15.75” x 19.7”)
Any size can be customized

The Application of Miracle Grill Mat

  • Use barbecue mat in temperature below 260℃/500℉

  • When you use charcoal grill, leave about 7 inches from the burners

  • Avoid scratching the mat with sharp or metal tools, better to use wooden or plastic utensils

  • Cool it before cleaning the mat and Dry with a soft cloth

  • DO NOT Fold or Crease the Mats, lay flat or rolled

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