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Precautions for Using the Teflon Mesh Belt

1. How to adjust the deviation of the Teflon mesh belt

(1) Automatic drag roller deviation adjustment: When the deviation range of the mesh belt is not large, a self-aligning drag roller can be installed at the deviation of the conveyor belt. The black PTFE tape is characterized by high strength and high-temperature resistance, and its normal temperature resistance can reach 360°C.

(2) Appropriate tightening and deviation adjustment: When the Teflon mesh belt deviates from left to right and the direction is irregular, it means that Teflon conveyor belts are too loose. The tensioning device can be adjusted appropriately to eliminate the deviation.   

(3) Single-sided vertical roll deviation adjustment: The mesh belt always deviates to one side, and several vertical rolls can be installed in the range to reset the tape.

(4) Adjust the deviation of the roller: The Teflon mesh belt runs off the roller, check whether the roller is abnormal or move, adjust the roller to the horizontal position, and rotate normally to eliminate the deviation of Teflon conveyor belts.

(5) Correct the deviation of the conveyor belt joint: The conveyor belt deflection is always in one direction, and the greater deviation is at the joint. It can correct the conveyor belt joint and the centerline of the conveyor belt to be perpendicular to eliminate the deviation. Teflon mesh conveyor belts should be stored in a dry condition.

Of course, one part of this is the problem of the manufacturer, but in the daily production process, the conveyor belt must be cleared and protected on time.

2. Problems that are easily overlooked in the Teflon mesh belt

(1) Avoid damp in the electromechanical system. When the mesh belt is stored in the open, rain protection measures should be taken. During storage and handling, the mesh belt should be prevented from bumping to avoid damage to the mesh belt, and the surface of the mesh belt should be kept clean.

(2) The use of Teflon mesh belts should always be kept clean and tidy. There should be no debris at the air inlet and outlet. Eliminate dust and other debris in the PTFE mesh belt and pipes on time, while maintaining sufficient power supply capacity.

(3) According to the conditions of use, do not replenish or change the lubricating grease on the bearing on schedule (the electromechanical closed bearing does not need to change the lubricating grease during the service life) to ensure the superior lubrication of the mesh belt in the running process.

Close the bearing and electromechanical bearing. Fill 2/3 of the inner and outer rings of the bearing with ZL-3 lithium grease. Running short of oil is strictly prohibited. It should be shut down for maintenance immediately to ensure safety.

The Teflon mesh belt has the characteristics of low-temperature resistance, and its friction coefficient is extremely low. Therefore, the Teflon mesh belt can be used for lubrication, and it has also become an ideal coating for the inner layer of easy-to-clean water pipes.

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