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0.05mm Peel Ply Release Fabric

0.05mm Peel Ply release fabric, nonstick surface, quick heat transfer, not easy to wrinkle when pressing

Introduction of 0.05mm Peel Ply Release Fabric

The peel ply release fabric is made by special fiberglass in thickness of 0.02mm, then coating PTFE on both sides to reach thickness to 0.04mm. The impregnating process of this peel ply fabric.

The Advantage of 0.05mm Peel Ply Release Fabric

  • High and low-temperature proof

  • Smooth friction performance

  • High mechanical strength

  • Nonstick surface, quick releasing

  • Good thermal insulation to 260℃/500℉

  • Flame retardant

  • Quick heat transfer

  • Lightweight

Specification of 0.05mm Peel Ply Release Fabric

Item CodeMaterialThicknessMax WidthNormal LengthTemperature resist
MT9005AJPTFE, Fiberglass0.045mm1250mm30m, 33m, 50m, 100m-73-260℃

Data Sheet of 0.05mm Peel Ply Release Fabric

ProductBasic MaterialCoating Material
Standard Width1000mm, 1250mm39inches, 49inches
Coated Weight48g/m24.13 oz/sq yd
PTFE Content0.20.2
Temperature Resistance-73-260℃-100-500℉

Applications of 0.05mm Peel Ply Release Fabric

Polyethylene Film Products Production, Like CPE Glove

0.05mm peel ply fiberglass is designed for automatic high speed gloves sealing and cutting machine as release sheet, the fabric is very thin to provide quicker hot transfer and not easy to wrinkle when pressing. We also have 0.03mm peel ply fiberglass available if you need the thinner one.

Peel Ply Fabric Used for Polyethylene Film Products Production

Aerospace Curing Industry

Peel ply fabric in thickness of 0.04mm can be made porous and used in aerospace industry. Light content of PTFE increase permeability to allow excess resin, volatile and trapped air to escape into the breather during curing while maintain its quick release property.

Peel Ply Fiberglass Fabric for Aerospace Curing Industry

Electronic Industry Like CCL, FPCB Laminating

With the coming of 5G wireless systems, 0.04mm peel ply fabric become a new material to make PTFE CCL by laminating several layers fabric together, the material offers better dielectric property, and has obvious advantages in the high frequency circuit board.

Peel Ply Release Fabric for Electronic Industry
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