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Non Stick PTFE Grill Mat

Non Stick Grill Mat Introductions

Non stick grill mat is heavy duty, nonstick and reusable which allows you to combine the flavor and fun of grilling. The grill mat withstands heat up to 500°F, has a 100% nonstick surface, food will not get burnt and just slides off. Small items like chopped vegetables, beans or diced chicken will not fall through the racks by placing grill mat on the BBQ grate, no more messy by using this grill mat. Nonstick grill mat is also cost effective because it can be reused for several times, you can wash it in soap water by hand with a soft sponge, or put it on the top rack of dishwasher. The most important is that material of our grill mat is food grade, you do not need to worry about its safety, no toxin and PFOA free.

Non Stick Grill Mat Details

Non stick grill mat is divided into grill mat and grill mesh, grill mat is solid which helps to prevent food from falling down to the grill grate, standard thickness is 0.20mm. Grill mesh is with 4mm x 4mm mesh holes which allows airflow and makes food more crispy. 

Using non stick grill mat is easy, it provides a flat and anti-stick surface for the grill, the mat is ideal for regular foods like beef, fish, shrimp and vegetables. Here are some tips to use it:

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