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Non Stick Fabric Conveyor Belt

Teflon Conveyor Belt Joint Types Introductions

Teflon belt joint type is made by Teflon coated fabric connected with different kinds of the splice to make it be endless. We fabricate custom belts in different thickness, specialty splices and even guiding systems for a fit wide range of machines. Teflon belt is long-lasting working under temperature of 260°C( 500°F) and withstand max temperature up to 360°C( 600°F), the surface of the belt is 100% nonstick and do not affect by almost all chemicals. 

Teflon Conveyor Belt Joint Types Industries

Teflon belt joint type is supplied by a wide range of industries: Packaging industry, food industry, carpet industry and rubber industry.

  • Teflon belt joint type for packaging industry: Teflon side sealing belt for tissue and paper wrapping is always made by our MT9035AJ material, connected by overlap joint and install tracking studs to prevent running off-center, molten plastics will not build up on the belt’s surface. Teflon heat sealing band is also used in this industry, this band is normally made by our MT9013AJ and MT9025AJ with an overlap joint, the belt is used to seal thermoplastic normally a bag or pouch, typical widths of sealing belt is from 12mm-30mm.

  • Teflon belt for the food industry: The belt is also called tortilla press belt which is made by our high-performance PTFE fabric in thickness of 0.25mm and 0.35mm, the material is specially treated to improve its release property an oil-resistant, typical connect way of this belt is castellated joint. 

  • Teflon belt joint type for carpet industry: Teflon belt for carpet and carpet title manufacturing is using our MT9100W which is in thickness of 1mm, there are texture grains on the surface that will be transferred to the surface of carpet titles.

  • Teflon belt with joint for the rubber industry: Teflon belt made of our MT9035AJ is perfect to transport extruded rubber rod into curing oven, the belt is heat resistant and nonstick, extruded rubber will not stick on it.

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