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MUTIFLON Developed New PTFE Tape

PTFE adhesive tape is a good alternative release material to traditional liquid release agent from mold masking to demolding applications under high temperature. PTFE adhesive tape is made of woven glass fiber as the basic material coated with PTFE resin to make into PTFE coated fiberglass cloth. Since PTFE coated fiberglass is 100% nonstick on both sides, thus we need to do the special treatment on one side and then coat adhesive on it. PTFE tape is a high-performance composite material with a smooth and nonstick surface, chemical and high-temperature resistance and excellent insulation properties.

Normally there are two kinds of adhesives used in this industry: pressure sensitive silicone adhesive and acrylic adhesive. The pressure-sensitive adhesive has relatively lower initial stickiness while very strong stickiness during high temperature, the max temperature it can resist reach to 260℃. Acrylic adhesive has very good initial stickiness which makes it more suitable for application under low temperature, the max temperature it can resist is 170℃.

With the development of industry, PTFE fiberglass tape with silicone adhesive is not able to meet the requirements of some advanced high-end machines that can not stand any residual adhesive and working temperature may reach to 300℃. In order to solve this problem, MUTIFLON developed a new surface treatment to increase the bonding between fabric and adhesive, in order to increase its temperature resistance, MUTIFLON applied a new kind of adhesive which can work well under temperature reach to 300℃. There will be no residual adhesive left on your machine by using our new PTFE adhesive tape. The tape is suitable for some high-end packaging machine and glass industry where the working temperature may reach to 300℃ and can not stand any residual adhesive.

PTFE fiberglass tape with adhesive, with special treatment and adhesive, the performance of this tape is able to be compared with that of NITTO PTFE tapes.

PTFE Fiberglass Tape

PTFE film tape, different colors of PTFE film tape can be customized in order to meet the requirements of some industries like the oil industry, they use a different colors to identify different pipes or cables.

PTFE Film Tape

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