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Judgment Method of High-quality PTFE High Temperature Cloth

Ⅰ. The quality of PTFE high-temperature cloth

High-quality PTFE high-temperature cloth has a wide range of uses due to its smooth surface and high strength, but the price is relatively high. If customers buy low-quality PTFE high-temperature cloth, the loss will be relatively large. In this way, many users of customers do not know how to judge the quality of PTFE high temperature cloth. 

Ⅱ. Judgment method of PTFE high temperature cloth quality

1. Judge product quality from raw materials. 

Different raw materials lead to different prices. The base fabrics selected for the production of PTFE high-temperature cloths are generally available in the market today: Shanghai Honghe fabrics, Zhuhai fabrics, and Sichuan fabrics. Others include Hangzhou fabrics. Mutiflon Hi-Tech has always pursued the tenet of customer satisfaction, and has always used high-quality cloth, please rest assured.

2. Judge the product quality from the emulsion. 

At present, the quality of PTFE emulsion produced by various PTFE fabric manufacturers on the market is also uneven. The best emulsion used in the production of PTFE high-temperature cloth is Japanese Daikin emulsion, followed by Zhejiang Juhua emulsion, and the others are relatively poor. The main difference is that the anti-sticking effect is poor, and the surface coating is easy to layer. Moreover, the thickness of the surface coating affects the life of the product.

3. Judge product quality from appearance. 

First, fold the PTFE high-temperature cloth in half several times. Whether the product is cracked, or the coating is dropped, or there is whitening, it is of inferior quality. Secondly, if it is a low-quality PTFE high-temperature cloth, there will be obvious whitening cracks on the surface, and there are traces of leaking glass fiber filaments.

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