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It is Safer and More Efficient to Adjust the Teflon Mesh Belt with the Automatic Deviation Correction Device

Ⅰ. What is the function of using the automatic correction device to adjust the teflon mesh belt?

In order to adapt to the historical development trend of the era of science and technology, more and more teflom mesh belts are used by enterprises to replace the old-fashioned manual rectification device with automatic rectification device.

This not only greatly prolongs the service life of the teflon mesh belt, but also guarantees the production efficiency and production safety of the fibreglass mesh suppliers to a greater extent.

The automatic deviation correction device not only automatically adjusts the traction force of the transmission to the driving wheel, but also automatically adjusts the tension force of the two sides of the teflon mesh belt during operation.

The conventional automatic deviation correction device is composed of electric motor, program controller, transmission, suspension cylinder, etc. Among them, the far infrared and ultraviolet deviation correction device adopts a large tension deviation correction device to correct the deviation of the teflom mesh belt, and it is also equipped with a tension sensor to monitor the mesh belt. tension.

When the tension of the two sides of the teflom mesh belt is uneven and the deviation occurs, causing the drying equipment to fail to operate normally, the program controller quickly sends an instruction to the deviation corrector to adjust the tension of the teflom mesh belt to ensure the safe and efficient operation of drying equipment and mesh belt.

Ⅱ. Several measures to prevent the deviation of the teflon mesh belt

The deviation of the teflom mesh belt has always been one of the headaches of major drying equipment manufacturers. The deviation not only damages the service life of the conveyor mesh belt, but also causes the production efficiency of the enterprise to be low. Therefore, the prevention of the polytetrafluoroethylene conveyor mesh belt deviation is a very important job.

1. Check the misalignment between the transverse centerline of the driving wheel and the passive wheel and the longitudinal centerline of the teflom mesh belt. If the misalignment value exceeds 2mm, it should be adjusted using the adjustment screws on both sides of the load-bearing idler set. The specific method is which side of the teflon mesh belt is biased, and the side of the adjustment screw moves forward.

2. Check the position of the material on the teflon mesh belt. If the material is not in the middle of the conveyor belt, it will cause the conveyor belt to deviate.

If the material deflects to the right, the teflom mesh belt deflects to the left, and vice versa. When using, the material should be centered as much as possible. In order to reduce or avoid the deviation of such conveying teflom mesh belt, a baffle can be added.

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