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In-depth Knowledge about PTFE Mesh Belts

With the wider and wider application range of conveyor belts, the types of conveyor belts also vary. High temperature resistant conveyor belts are used in order to ensure that the products and conveyor belts are not affected in some high temperature environments. The PTFE conveyor belt is a common kind of high temperature resistant conveyor belt.

The PTFE mesh belt can also be called PTFE conveyor belt, PTFE conveyor belt and high temperature resistant conveyor belt. The base cloth of PTFE conveyor belts is made of glass fiber cloth as the base material coated with PTFE resin. The base cloth can be divided into PTFE mesh belt and high temperature PTFE cloth. Here we will mainly introduce PTFE Mesh Belts.

The application range of PTFE mesh belts:

PTFE mesh belts are widely used in textile printing and dyeing, printing drying guiding belts, screen printing, UV drying, UV series, photo fixing machines, offset machines, loose dryers, non-woven fabric dryers, high-frequency dryers, food dryers, temperature control drying rooms, fast drying of flux type ink and the drying of general moisture content articles.

The binding styles of PTFE mesh belts:

There are turning film binding, Kevlar cloth binding and PTFE cloth binding in the binding of PTFE mesh belts. Due to the different width of equipment, double weft is recommended for ultra wide mesh belts.

The joint style of PTFE mesh belts:

The joint mode of PTFE mesh conveyor belts is mainly ox-nose joint.

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