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How to Repair a Broken PTFE High Temperature Fabric?

Ⅰ. What is PTFE high temperature fabric?

PTFE high temperature fabric is a kind of industrial composite material which is widely used, and it's most widely used in the demoulding industry because of its excellent wear resistance, anti-adhesion and high temperature resistance. Although the application of PTFE high temperature fabric in demoulding industry can improve the quality of rubber or plastic and improve the production efficiency of enterprises, many enterprises accidentally scratch the surface of high temperature fabric when using it, so we must have a suitable method to repair it.

Ⅱ. How to repair PTFE high temperature fabric?

1. The damaged part of PTFE high temperature fabric should be polished and levelled first, and the scope of the damaged part should be marked with a marker pen. Then, the damaged part should be polished with a professional angle grinder and a tungsten steel grinding disc with a moderate grinding degree until the surface of the damaged part shows a certain arc and no protrusion.

2. Apply adhesive. Clean the polished surface with alcohol, and then brush the adhesive until it is slightly sticky but does not adhere to the back of the finger.

3. Paste high temperature fabric. High temperature fabric should be bonded to the damaged part, and air entrapment should be avoided as much as possible during the bonding process. Then, the hot press welding machine is used to compact the surface of the high temperature fabric and discharge bubbles.

The above three points are the plan of repairing partially damaged PTFE high temperature resistant cloth introduced by Jiangsu Mutiflon Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd. We hope that the majority of demoulding enterprises can use it reasonably, orderly and safely, which not only reduces the production cost of enterprises, but also contributes to the construction of an energy-saving and environment-friendly society.

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