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Hou Much Do You Know about the PTFE Zone Tape

PTFE zone tape adopts a material made by impregnating glass fiber cloth with PTFE dispersion solution and sintering as the base material. The tape has one surface treated and then coated with a silicon adhesive, which has an excellent heat resistance and mechanical strength.

The characteristics of PTFE zone tape:

PTFE zone tape has the following characteristics: non-stickiness, high and low-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low friction and abrasion resistance, moisture resistance and high insulation; The current conventional product thickness is 0.08mm, 0.10mm, 0.13 mm, 0.18mm, 0.25mm, and the color is gray/brown. The product can be slit with small specifications and high precision.

PTFE zone tapes are mainly used in: insulation coating of the wire and cable industry, insulation lining of the electro-oxygen industry, hopper of machinery field, surface coating of the storage tank roller.

The features of PTFE zone tape:

1. It has good mold release and smoothness.

2. It has good high-temperature retention and dimensional stability.

3. The non-adhesive surface has electrical properties, heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, water resistance, low friction coefficient, non-adhesive properties and other good properties of PTFE resin.

4. It is widely used as insulating high-temperature materials in textile, petrochemical, food, medicine, wood processing, mineral processing and other industries. It is also used as the heat-sealing end in color printing packaging machines, plastic weaving drawing machines, microwave drying, various conveyor belts and bag-making machines & sealing machines in hot sealing packaging industries for clothing.

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