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How Much do You Know about PTFE Heat Resistant Tapes?

PTFE heat resistant tapes are made of imported glass fiber yarn weaving cloth, coated with PTFE resin or PTFE turning film, and treated with silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side.

PTFE heat resistant tapes have smooth surface, good adhesion resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance as well as excellent insulation performance. They are widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, heat sealing, electronic and electrical industries. They can be pasted on any parts that need anti-adhesion, heat sealing, anti-corrosion and insulation, and they have the repeated pasting function.

The PTFE heat resistant tapes reinforced by fabrics have higher strength, which can be used in sizing machine roller, thermoplastic demoulding and other industries. In addition, they can be used repeatedly and replaced easily. PTFE heat resistant tapes can be directly pasted on any kind of large plane and regular curved surface (such as rollers), and the operation is simple. The application of PTFE heat resistant tapes is free from the restrictions of professional equipment, special process and the transportation to professional spraying plants for processing.

The application scope is as follows:

1. They can be used at the heat sealing adhesive parts when packing food, dairy products and medicines.

2. They can be used in the heat sealing of plastic films.

3. They can be used for the surface of the coining roller for packaging, dyeing and resin processing.

4. They can be used for the surface of the coating machine roller for packing adhesives and laminating materials.

5. They can be used to seal the friction surface of the hopper and guide rail.

6. They can be used to encapsulate the non-sticky parts and the parts that need to be be smooth.

7. They can be used as the insulation encapsulating for insulation gaskets, insulation parts, etc.

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