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How can we professionally create high-quality high-temperature teflon mesh belts?

1. How to professionally create high-quality high-temperature teflon mesh belts?

The high temperature teflon mesh belt conveyor is the conveying machinery with the highest running precision and the most stable conveying in modern production enterprises. The use of high-temperature teflon mesh belt conveyor further realizes the automatic control of the material handling system of the production enterprise.

It also reduces the maintenance cost of the teflon mesh belt caused by the deviation and slippage of the conveyor mesh belt. Configuration is an important accessory to achieve precise positioning, guidance and operation of the conveyor belt.

In terms of the selection of straight guide rail configuration, it is necessary to select different specifications according to different industrial production processes. The load intensity of the operation of the production enterprise during the conveying operation is relatively high.

And when there is a certain impact or high precision requirements, the manufacturer can choose a slide rail with a small gap or a negative gap between the slider and the slide rail of the straight guide rail.

At the same time, since the use precision of the slider and the slide rail is the same, there will be a certain degree of difference in the use performance.

Therefore, when designing the straight guide rail, the manufacturer of the high-temperature teflon mesh belt conveyor must master the relevant parameter design of the straight guide rail in order to meet the running accuracy of the conveyor mesh belt of various production processes.

The design of the straight guide rail is that after the manufacturer has carried out the plane design of the conveyor line and the production of the dairy mesh belt conveyor model, the parameters are designed and put into production according to the overall requirements of the manufacturer's production and transportation.

Therefore, in the post-maintenance of the high-temperature teflon mesh belt conveyor, the selection of the straight guide rail should also make statistics of various parameters of the high-temperature PTFE mesh belt conveyor in order to produce the most matching orientation device.

2. Is it more economical to use teflon mesh belt for heat shrinkable machine mesh?

The heat shrinkable furnace conveys the mesh belt shrink film to wrap the product price or the outside of the package, and then heat it to shrink the packaging material and wrap the product price tightly, so that the package can fully display the appearance of the item, with characteristic of sealing, moisture-proof and pollution-proof.

Connect the power supply, adjust the temperature adjustment knob to the appropriate temperature, adjust the speed adjustment knob to the mid-range speed, turn on the fan, preheat for a few minutes, wrap the product price with shrink film, and then  put it into the inlet of the drying channel of the teflon mesh belt.

When the price of the product comes out from the other end of the drying tunnel, the price of the beautifully packaged product is completed. If the price of the product is a little wrinkled on the surface, then increase the temperature appropriately, or slow down the speed appropriately.

On the contrary, if the shrink film on the surface of the product is scalded or cracked, then lower the temperature appropriately, or increase the speed a bit faster.

The heat shrinkable furnace mesh belt is made of special teflon material as the teflon conveyor belt, which overcomes the shortcomings that the chain spacing is large and the product price is easy to slip through the net and the steel mesh belt will leave imprints on the outside of the product price package.

It is favored by the price of small packaging products, especially battery manufacturers. The price of the packaged products is beautiful, and the price of the products is improved.

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