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High Temperature Silicone Rubber Sheet

Calendered Silicone Rubber Sheet Introductions

Calendering Silicone Rubber Sheet is made of fiberglass fabric composite with silicone rubber on one side or two sides under calendering process, surface of this material is always smooth and typical color is orange red, silicone rubber fiberglass sheet withstand temperature range from -100~500°F(-73~260°C), with strong fiberglass cloth reinforced, it offers excellent dimension stability and high strength to weight ratios. High content of silicone rubber coating gives the sheet strength to stand up to high stress and flex, also offers superior release property, chemical resistant and fungus resistant.

Calendering silicone rubber sheet resist to weld splatter, grinding sparks, solder drips and brazing. It can resist molten metal splash at 2200°F/1205°C for periods up to 15 minutes and short excursions to 3000°F/1650°C. Thus silicone rubber sheet is also called high temperature fire blanket fabric and provides protection from UV and ozone. 

Common thickness of calendering silicone rubber sheet includes 0.032”, 0.039”, 0.062” and 0.125”, the standard width is 1000mm, 1250mm and 1500mm, the length is 50m per roll. We have single, double and triple-ply silicone rubber, and contain one or more layers of reinforcing fiberglass fabric which will help to increase strength.

Calendered Silicone Rubber Sheet Applications

Applications of Calendering silicone rubber sheet are in diaphragms and gaskets, the sheet is used as flange gaskets where compression load is so heavy that non fabric reinforced silicone would squeeze or extrude out of place. Typical devices include meter, control device, welding curtain, regulator, pump, and diaphragm. 

Silicone rubber sheet is also used for fitting engine baffles, the material is easy to cut, can be slit by hand with a straight edge and knife for small quantity, or you can cut by machine for big quantity, it can be easily assembled with mechanical fastener after making into shields and covers, easy to punch for installation of grommet. 

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