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Heat Resistant Teflon Tape

Introduction of Heat Resistant Teflon Tape

Heat resistant Teflon tape (heat resistant adhesive tape) is a kind of high-performance adhesive tape made of PTFE glass fabric applied with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive on one side, the tape provides good release surface and high heat resistant properties. The tape with pressure sensitive silicone adhesive can resist 500°F and with acrylic adhesive withstand 350°F. 

The main advantages of Teflon heat resistant tape include high heat resistant, chemical resistant, excellent release surface, waterproof, weatherproof and superior electrical properties.

Applications of Teflon heat resistant tape are related to laminating, bundling, hot sealing and electric insulation like as covering tape for sizing cylinders for dyeing machine, as heat sealing tape of plastic films for vacuum sealer and impulse sealer, as laminating sheet for laminating machines of, as covering sheet for friction areas of hoppers, chutes and guide rails, as insulation coverings of wire connections.

Types of Heat Resistant Teflon Tape

Teflon heat resistant tapes are divided into PTFE adhesive tape with silicone adhesive, PTFE acrylic tapes, PTFE film tape, PTFE zone tape and double-sided PTFE tape:

  • PTFE Adhesive Tape is applied with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive which will offer strong stickiness to high heat surfaces, the tape can tolerate consist temperature from -100° to 500°F (-73° to 260°C). Basic woven fiberglass fabric offers high tensile strength and dimension stability. PTFE adhesive tape can be with or without yellow release liner on the back according to customer’s requests. MUTIFLON also offers superior PTFE adhesive tape which can withstand consistent temperature up to 300°C and there will be no residual adhesive left on the machine by using this tape.

  • Adhesive PTFE acrylic tape is coated with acrylic adhesive on one side which provides high adhesion at relatively low temperature between -100° to 338°F (-73° to 170°C). The tape will be cost-effective for some applications in low temperatures.

  • PTFE film tape is made of virgin PTFE film coated with silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive on one side. The tape is ideal for use on tooling blocks and other areas where high elongation and release is needed.

  • PTFE zone tape is with adhesive along the edges and adhesive-free on the center. This tape is designed for impulse sealers to offer adhesion on the machine while preventing adhesive sticking to the heating element.

  • High temperature double-sided PTFE tape is made of pure PTFE film with adhesive on both sides, the tape is used for joining as an alternative to mechanical fasteners.

PTFE Adhesive Tape

PTFE Adhesive Tape Details

Application of PTFE adhesive tape is as work surface covers of hot sealing for plastic films, hot pressing during laminating and composite mold release. Such as for impulse sealer, drop sealer, form and fill sealer, L bar sealer, Side sealer, blister packing, vacuum packing, polybag manufacturing and hot laminating.

The standard width of PTFE adhesive tape is 1000mm and 1250mm, small sizes can be slit accordingly.

ColorAdhesive TypeFabric Thickness (mm)Total Thickness (mm)AdhesionTemperature
Item Code(N/cm)(°C )
MT7008Brown/Black/White/Blue/GreenSilicone0.08mm0.13mm4.4-70 ~ +260
MT7011Brown/White/Blue/GreenSilicone0.11mm0.16mm5.4-70 ~ +260
MT7013Brown/White/Blue/GreenSilicone0.13mm0.18mm5.4-70 ~ +260
MT7015Brown/Black/White/Blue/GreenSilicone0.15mm0.20mm5.6-70 ~ +260
MT7018Brown/Black/White/Blue/GreenSilicone0.18mm0.23mm5.6-70 ~ +260
MT7020Brown/Black/White/Blue/GreenSilicone0.20mm0.25mm5.7-70 ~ +260
MT7025Brown/Black/White/Blue/GreenSilicone0.25mm0.30mm6-70 ~ +260
MT7030BrownSilicone0.30mm0.35mm6.2-70 ~ +260

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Adhesive PTFE Acrylic Tape

PTFE Acrylic Tape Details

PTFE acrylic tape is consists of PTFE glass cloth and acrylic adhesive, the thickness of PTFE glass cloth determine the thickness of tape because the acrylic adhesive is always in thickness of 0.05mm, PTFE glass cloth varies from 0.08mm-0.25mm. The standard width of this tape is also 1000mm (39”) and 1250mm(49”), small width like 1/2”, 1” are easy to cut.

Backing paper of PTFE acrylic and PTFE adhesive tape is also different, backing liner of PTFE adhesive tape is always corrugated PVC paper while backing liner of PTFE acrylic tape is plain PVC paper.

Typical applications of PTFE acrylic tape include poly bag and plastic film packaging, food handling guides and rollers, impulse sealing, printing equipment components, electronic equipment guides, cabinet slides, etc.

ColorAdhesive TypeFabric Thickness (mm)Total Thickness (mm)AdhesionTemperature
Item Code(N/cm)(°C )
MT7008CBrown/Black/White/Blue/GreenAcrylic0.08mm0.13mm3.5-40 ~ +170
MT7013CBrown/White/Blue/GreenAcrylic0.13mm0.18mm4-40 ~ +170

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PTFE Film Tape

Details of PTFE Film Tape

PTFE film tape is often applied as a cover where require non-stick surface during high temperature, as a release surface on packaging equipment and heat sealing machine, roll wrappings on plastic extrudes, for mold release in composite bonding, wrapping web rollers to reduce friction, as surface covers to reduce noise.

Item CodeColorAdhesive TypeMax Width
Film Thickness (mm)Total Thickness (mm)Adhesion to steelTemperature
(°C )
MT F7008GreySilicone3000.03mm0.08mm≥13N/4mm-70 ~ +260
MT F7013GreySilicone3000.08mm0.13mm≥13N/4mm-70 ~ +260
MT F7018GreySilicone3000.13mm0.18mm≥13N/4mm-70 ~ +260

PTFE film tape can also be coated with high-temperature acrylic adhesive on one side, acrylic adhesive is more suitable for applications in relatively lower temperature between -40 ~ +170°C such as wrapping cables in the oil industry. PTFE film tape also is made into various colors such as white, red, yellow, blue, black in order to distinguish the different functions of cables and wires.

Item CodeColorAdhesive TypeMax Width
Film Thickness (mm)Total Thickness (mm)Temperature
(°C )
MT F7009CWhite/Red/Yellow/Blue/Black/BrownAcrylic3000.08mm0.16mm-40 ~ +170
MT F7013CBlackAcrylic3000.11mm0.18mm-40 ~ +170
MT F7018C
Acrylic3000.11mm0.18mm-40 ~ +170

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PTFE Zone Tape

PTFE Zone Tape Details

PTFE zone tape can withstand temperatures ranging from -100°F to 500°F (-73°C to 260°C), the tape is an excellent choice for impulse sealing applications, such as the manufacture of plastic bags, heat sealer bar cover, hot wire cover. The material of the tape is also food grade and good for food processing.

ColorAdhesive TypeFabric Thickness (mm)Total Thickness (mm)Adhesion WidthTotal WidthTemperature
Item Code(mm)(mm)(°C )
MT7008BrownSilicone0.08mm0.13mm2040, 50-70 ~ +260
MT7011BrownSilicone0.11mm0.16mm2040, 50-70 ~ +260
MT7013BrownSilicone0.13mm0.18mm2040, 50-70 ~ +260

PTFE zone tape can also be applied with acrylic adhesive along the edge, in order to reduce cost and fit applications were under relatively lower temperature between  -40 ~ +170°C.

Item CodeColorAdhesive TypeFabric Thickness (mm)Total Thickness (mm)Adhesion WidthTotal WidthTemperature
(mm)(mm)(°C )
MT7008BrownAcrylic0.08mm0.13mm2040, 50-40 ~ +170
MT7011BrownAcrylic0.11mm0.16mm2040, 50-40 ~ +170
MT7013BrownAcrylic0.13mm0.18mm2040, 50-40 ~ +170

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High Temperature Double Sided PTFE Tape

Double Sided PTFE Tape Details

Applications of double sided PTFE tape include

  • Bonding of graphic nameplates to metal and energy plastics in the aerospace, medical, automotive and electronics markets.

  • Bonding graphic overlays for membrane switches.

  • High speed processing of parts in the medical, telecommunications and electronics markets.

  • Lamination to industrial foams for rotary die-cutting of small gaskets in electronics industry.

Item CodeColorAdhesive TypeFilm Thickness (mm)Total Thickness (mm)Temperature
(°C )
MT F7003DTranslucentAcrylic0.25mm0.35mm-40 ~ +170
MT F7013DTranslucentAcrylic0.51mm0.61mm-40 ~ +170
MT F7018DTranslucentAcrylic0.76mm0.86mm-40 ~ +170

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What Clients Say about Our Heat Resistant Fabric
PTFE coated fabrics are available in thickness from 0.04 mm-1.2 mm, max width reach 2600 mm, temperature resistance up to 360℃.
Eric Boyle
PTFE coated fabrics are available in thickness from 0.04 mm-1.2 mm, max width reach 2600 mm, temperature resistance up to 360℃.
Eric Boyle
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