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ETFE - A New Alternative Material Used In Architecture Membrane

Since the sale of the lottery in 1994, the UK has invested most of its sales in public buildings. Many stadiums, museums and convention centers have been built, and the boom of new and changing construction has been set off throughout the UK. 

At the beginning of the release of the Grand Lotto, the National Lottery Foundation set up a Millennium Committee to provide financial support for the project in memory of the turn of the century. An emotion of seeing into the future and pursues new technologies is pervasive, and futurist designers who have been neglected have once again become popular. They look for valuable new building materials, come up with drawings full of weird imagination, and design lottery buildings.

The typical design is Millennium Dome designed by Rogers. The original purpose of this huge building on the Greenwich Peninsula in East London is to provide a place for people to embrace the new century and to host the Millennium Theme Exhibition in 2000.

ETFE A New Alternative Materials

In the welcoming building boom of the millennium, architects seeking new and changing styles have embraced a new type of building material-the ETFE film. This is a lightweight plastic film but with very high tensile strength which is beyond imagination. The material has good ductility, flame resistance and heat resistance, and can be pulled three to four times long without breaking. It's also a film that "breathes", changing the direction of the light and keeping unwanted light and heat out of the stadium.

Thanks to the ETFE membrane, the Eden Project in the UK has been able to control the temperature for a long time. The ETFE film is also the main building material for the “Water Cube” of the National Swimming Center of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

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