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Energy Industry

Energy Industry
Energy Industry

PTFE release fabric is made of PTFE impregnated fiberglass on one side or both sides, PTFE coated glass fabric one side coating which is specially formulated with a fluoropolymer, the material is much more flexible and designed to make removable insulation jacket. PTFE coated fiberglass with two sides coating provides a nonstick and smooth surface on both sides, widely used as release fabric for laminating machine and curing machine. 

Energy Industry Applications

    • PTFE
    For Moulding Of Wind Turbine Blades
    For Moulding Of Wind Turbine Blades

    PTFE Adhesive Backed Tape

    PTFE adhesive-backed tape is made of PTFE coated fabric coated with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive on one side, the tape is high temperature resistance, high tensile strength and non-stick surface, ideal for molding release during infusion process of wind turbine blades, smooth blade surface will be created by using our Teflon tape for releasing.

    • 16.5
    Making Into Flexible And Removable Expansion Joint
    Making Into Flexible And Removable Expansion Joint

    Teflon Coated Fiberglass Fabric 

    Teflon coated fiberglass fabric has a unique strength, corrosion and harsh environmental resistance as well as good flexural property. The material is customized into expansion joint to limit the emission of pollutants in harsh environments such as coal-fired power plants

    16.5 oz Grey PTFE Glass Fabric

    16.5 oz PTFE glass fabric is specially formulated to make it flexible than common PTFE coated fiberglass, the material is easily sewn, flame retardant, chemical resistant and heatproof up to 300℃, which makes it the best material to make into blankets or jackets to insulate pipe fittings include pipes, valves, turbo, extruders and steam systems.

    For Solar Module Lamination
    For Solar Module Lamination

    PTFE Fibreglass Fabric

    Our PTFE fiberglass fabric type MT9025AJ and 9035AJ are used during the solar panel vacuum lamination process, the prepared 5-layer module is placed in the lamination machine and heated to max. 135°C for a period of approx. 22 minutes, PTFE fiberglass is placed between the membrane and PV module as a protective sheet due to its heat resistant and nonstick properties. The material is cut to different sheet size according to customer’s machine, max-width reach to 2800mm, and we also customize loop on the two ends to make it convenient to be installed on machines. Mutiflon also provides PTFE Tabber stringer belts used to convey the panel components through the lamination process. 

Related products
  • One Side PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics
    One Side PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabrics
    One Side PTFE Coated Fabrics are specially designed to make an insulation jacket. Base glass fibre fabric is durable with high strength, non-flammable and works well at high temperatures.
  • Teflon Coated Kevlar Mesh 4*4mm
    Teflon Coated Kevlar Mesh 4*4mm
    Teflon coated Kevlar mesh is PTFE emulsion impregnated with aramid mesh which offers extreme strength, heavy loading, better wear resistance and much longer life.
  • PTFE Endless Belt
    PTFE Endless Belt
    PTFE endless belt also called PTFE heat sealing belt is used for sealing thermoplastic bag, the belt is traveled together with the heating elements, heat transfer through the belts to plastic film.
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