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Conveyor Installation and Debugging Method Using Teflon Conveyor Belt

Conveyor is a material handling machine that continuously conveys materials on a certain line. It can be used to convey various types of light materials. It has the characteristics of large conveying capacity, low operating cost and wide application range. Usually, the Teflon conveyor belt is used on the conveyor, so how to install and debug the conveyor belt?

1. How to install the conveyor Teflon conveyor belt?

Units containing transmission parts are generally shipped in boxes. When unpacking, care should be taken to avoid bumping the Teflon conveyor belt. Before installation, the Teflon conveyor belt should be checked. If it is found that there is serious dirt, it should be cleaned first. When hoisting, care should be taken to avoid deformation of parts.

The transfer tower and the silo can be installed after the completion of the installation. Generally, there is no need to pre-embed the Teflon-coated conveyor belt. The equipment is fixed with expansion bolts first, and no special treatment of the ground is required, because the height of the equipment feet can be adjusted. of.

Then draw the center line of each equipment on the ground according to the size requirements of the general drawing. This center line must be consistent with the center line of the relevant equipment, install according to the line, and fasten the feet with expansion bolts.

Install according to geological parameters and drawing requirements to ensure flexible movement of all moving parts. Adjust the elevation, straightness and levelness of each conveying surface according to the requirements of the drawings.

Lay electrical grooves (pipes); install power distribution cabinets and wiring, etc. Each tensioning device can be adjusted appropriately according to the requirements.

2. How to debug and use the Teflon conveyor belt of the conveyor?

After the installation of the Teflon coated conveyor belt is completed, in order to meet the requirements, it must be debugged and used. When debugging, each single device can be manually tested and used in combination to see if it can meet the action requirements.

Before commissioning, each reducer and moving parts should be filled with corresponding lubricating oil. In order to make the equipment have good performance and achieve the designed function and state, debugging the electrical part of the Teflon conveyor belt includes the debugging of conventional electrical wiring and actions.

Conveyors installed with Teflon conveyor belts should have rainproof measures during storage and transportation in summer, and direct contact between Teflon conveyor belt parts and rainwater should be avoided.

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