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Mutiflon Hi-Tech is a leading manufacturer of PTFE and silicone composite material for more than 12 years, main products include PTFE coated fiberglass with and without adhesive, PTFE conveyor belts, skived PTFE tapes, silicone-coated fiberglass, PTFE baking sheets, and silicone baking mats. They are widely used in almost all the industry sector like aerospace, chemicals, automobile, medicals, electronics, plastics, printing, textile, food processing, etc. Our products are exported to countries all over the world and gain recognition from our customers.

Why Choose Us

MUTIFLON offers high-quality products, superior continuous service, strong technical strength, advanced testing methods, and high production capacity. We train our staff to be always helpful, courteous, and knowledgeable. Helping them find the product they want, help customers make the best choices for them, and make knowledgeable recommendations to customers. In order to ensure product quality, MUTIFLON brings in advanced testing methods to analyze customers’ samples and adopt mature technology for mass production. With high production capacity, MUTIFLON offers a short lead time as within 5 working days for stock material.

ODM Order

We provide customize quality heat resistant solutions efficiently by advanced equipments.


We focus on the needs of small to middle market businesses, not the Fortune 5000.


We have 15 vertiCal dipping lines, 5 horizontal coating lines and advanced cutting and laminating equipments to ensure premium quality and fast deleivery.

Our Customers
What Partners Say

Definitely A Good Buy! PTFE coated fabric for a heat press is great to use for your heat transfer projects, this nonstick sheet helps to protect my vinyl, clothes, and iron while I iron on HTV.

This is fabric is exactly what I needed, its nonstick and smooth surface is perfect for a mold releasing under high temperature after several presses! Love this product and will be ordering more soon!


This PTFE tape is exactly the right product for a vacuum sealer. The smooth surface provides a long lifetime of release. Good high temp tape for heat sealing, insulating, and friction reducing applications.

This PTFE tape works perfectly for my chamber vacuum machine and in the meantime cut down my cost by about 10%. The tape conforms well to the surface, lays smooth and flat, provides quick release from plastic film. I would buy it again for this product.


PTFE open mesh belt is a good replacement for polyester and stainless steel belt for my UV dryer, it is light, has 100% nonstick surface, and running smoothly, save a lot of cleaning time.

The quality of this tortilla press belt is out of my expectation, it extends at least 10days lifetime and much more oil resistant than the common belts on the market, I can gain more quality tortillas by using this belt!


I use silicone-coated fabric to make insulation jacket, the material is wear-resistant and chemical resistant, more flexible than PTFE coated fiberglass, suitable for relatively lower temperature below 260C degree

This is a kind of perfect smoke and fire curtain, I can choose different colors to fit different applications, and the material passed fabrics flammability index 1, safe to use.


EXCELLENT! It fits perfectly into my professional baking sheets and is the best oven liner I've bought, this mat is more smooth and slightly thicker than the mats I bought before, so it can be used for a longer time and the crumbs and burnt pieces just slide off back into the oven.

Love this!!!!! I can't recommend this nonstick silicone baking mat enough! I use it for just about everything I put in the oven, from meats, cookies to veggies, food sliding easily off the nonstick surface.


This architecture membrane is extremely durable and tolerate extreme weather elements, the material is flexible enough to make into different shapes that traditional building material can not.

Construction made by PTFE architecture membrane is far more beautiful and durable, the material turn to white color under sun and is self-cleaning by rain.


With 11years' export experience, Multiflon built up stable customer group from 100 countries and regions.

Rigid Inspection
Through the Supply Chain

Quality should start with the supply chain. Variable raw materials affect the variability of the manufacturing process output. Mutiflon chooses excellent fiberglass yarn and import PTFE dispersion from Japanese DAIKIN.

Through a Clean Workspace

A clean environment will help enhance quality control and decrease risk, Mutiflon provide a better workspace for your employees,

Through Quality Control Plan Management

Mutiflon has attained ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification and SGS international certification. A quality control plan for new products should be developed as the manufacturing process.

Through Technical Training

Technology makes production more efficient and better at quality control. Mutiflon set up a new-employee orientation training that trains workers to focus on quality issues from their first day on the job.

Through Equipment Upgrading

Mutiflon upgrade production equipment to enhance quality, increase production efficiency and on-time deliveries.

Through Inspections Before Shipment

In Mutiflon, inspections are occurred at various times before, during and after production.

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