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Characteristics and Application of PTFE Belting

PTFE belting: It is also known as PTFE conveyor belt and high-temperature conveyor belt. PTFE belting is divided into PTFE grid belting and PTFE leather belting. Both of them are based on glass fiber cloth, which then is coated with PTEE resin to make PTEE belting base cloth.

Characteristic of PTFE Belting

PTFE belting inherits the characteristics of polytetrafluoroethylene itself. It has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance (from low temperature - 140 ℃ to high temperature 260 ℃), corrosion resistance (not affected by most of the chemicals and solvents), anti viscosity (easy removal of almost all adhesives such as resin, coating and chemicals).

Application of PTFE Belting

PTFE grid belting is easy to ventilate, so it is widely used in textile printing and dyeing, printing and drying guide belt, screen printing, UV drying, UV series light solid machine, offset press, loose dryer, non-woven fabric dryer, high cycle dryer, food dryer guide belt, temperature control drying room, fast drying of flux type ink and drying of general moisture content articles. PTEE leather belting has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance, small friction coefficient of watch machine and good insulation, which is widely used in the adhesive machines, clothing printing and dyeing machine, etc.

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