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Causes of Residue in PTFE Adhesive Tape

After being baked at a high temperature, PTFE adhesive tape may have residue, overflow and other problems. And tiny residues can be found through touch or close observation, which have a great impact on production. Such problems occur may due to that the high temperature resistance of the tape doesn't meet the production standard. According to the production standard, high temperature resistance of 210-260℃ is usually required. Therefore, it is necessary to check whether the PTFE adhesive tape meets the production requirements before production.

If the temperature of the production line is higher than technological instruction requirement, there will also be residue. Thus, we need to test whether the temperature sensor works correctly or not. What's more, if there are quality problems in PTFE adhesive tape, heating and curing are not strictly carried out according to the baking standard of the pressure-sensitive adhesive in the coating production process, the curing time is not enough or the coating line speed is too fast, the glue, the primer glue and the substrate will fail to combine. When the PTFE adhesive tape is coated by the coating roller of the coater, the semi-finished product come out, which generally needs to stand for 2-3 days before rewinding and slitting. The main purpose of this process is to make the glue and the substrate fully bond and the glue completely cure in its natural state. If it is not completely cured, there will be residues during rewinding and slitting.

In view of the residue, the key is to improve quality control of the PTFE adhesive tape. Before put into production, PTFE adhesive tape should pass preliminary ozone and high temperature tests to meet the company's requirements.

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