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Are Silicone Baking Mats Safe?

Silica gel is an environmentally-friendly material certified globally,after passing the inspection by the environmental protection agency and being issued a certificate, it can be used with confidence. The main component of silica gel is silicon, a safe natural ingredient found in sand, gravel and crystals, so it is safe to be used in food processing.

Silicone baking mat has many uses, which is a worthy item in baking. Because it is anti-sticky and easy to clean, it can be used to knead dough and make biscuits and so on. And the silicone bake mat with PTFE coated glass fiber can also be put into the oven.

Silica gel is not only used in cooking and baking, but also commonly used in baby products as raw materials.

Features of food-grade silicone pads:

① Temperature resistance: It has excellent temperature resistance, working continuously without deformation and discoloration between -40℃ and +230℃.

② Safety: It's non-toxic, odorless, tasteless, and has passed the stringent food grade inspection standards of the European Union, Germany and the United States.

③ Durability: Baking and reusing for more than 2000 times.

④ Non-stick: Permanently non-stick, and will keep the characteristic of non-stick though wear and tear.

⑤ Adsorption: It can absorb various workbenches such as wooden, marble and glass tabletops, which is also an ideal dough-kneading, dough-rolling and candy making workbench at present.

⑥ Easy to wash and store: You can use water or add a small amount of detergent to remove dirty and oil stains by a soft dishcloth with gentle wiping (please do not scrape it with sharp tools). It can be rolled up and stored directly without taking up space.

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