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Application of PTFE Tape

The application of PTFE tape in coil processing:


1.Guide Edge Belt
Apply melted liquid PE coating (filming) to the surface of cardboard or other materials (such as film, aluminum foil, etc.). In this coating process, because the liquid high-temperature PE at the edge will contaminate or scald the drum, a closed belt made of adhesive tape glued and laminated on the inner and outer edges of the cardboard is required to make the belt rotate with the operation of the machine to protect the sweat cylinder (cooling drum).


2. Guide Roller Cladding

Wrap PTFE tape on the outside of the driving roller with the whole roller surface coated, partial or edge coating, etc., to prevent the guide roller from being contaminated or scalded by liquid high-temperature PE.


The PTFE tape is widely applied,such as PTFE tape for heat sealer,vacuum sealer heat seal PTFE tape,industrial PTFE tape. What problems should we pay attention to during use?

1.Use PTFE tape with yellow release paper so that it can be preserved for a long time without changing its stickiness.

2. Do not use metal sharp tools to rub against the surface of the tape but regularly wipe its surface with a wet cloth.

3. Acid, alkali and organic chemical solvents can not be dumped on the surface of the tape to ensure the dryness and cleanliness of its surface.

4. Try to purchase cost-effective tapes, not blindly pursuing cheap prices while ignoring the quality of tape.

5. The temperature and tensile strength used should be within the reasonable range of PTFE tape, instead of using in any environment, technology or equipment.


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