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Application of PTFE Microporous Film

Since DuPont's invention of PTFE in 1945, it has been 61 years old. Nowadays, as an important product of PTFE, PTFE microporous film has extensive applications from bioengineering to the garment industry, from the machinery industry to petrochemical. It can be used not only for water treatment but also for air particle purification in the environmental protection industry. 

Application in filter materials

PTFE membrane filter is made by PTFE microporous film which will be laminated on the surface of a conventional filter medium. In addition to the advantages of traditional filter material such as interception of dust removal mechanism, inertial settlement, random diffusion, electrostatic deposition, and gravity settlement, the PTFE membrane filter has many micropores and small pores, and the diameter is only O.3-10um, generally, the dust particles are difficult to pass through the micropores. Therefore, the film can remove dust particles of more than 10um, moreover, the effect of the inertial collision between the film and the dust particles improve the removal rate of dust particles is smaller than um.

Application in filter materials

Application in medical materials

PTFE microporous films are also widely used in medical materials, such as surgical gowns, surgical towels, wound dressings, and sterilization equipment wrapping materials. Surgical gowns should be protective and breathable to ensure that medical personnel are not infected by patient’s blood and comfortable wear during the operation, especially to prevent infection in some high-permeability areas such as the abdomen to the chest and from the elbows to the wrist sleeves. According to the data, after testing the 500 surgical gowns, the blood permeation rate of the single-layer spunlace non-woven surgical gown was 9%, and the enhanced non-woven surgical gown was 5%. While the surgical suite with a PTFE microporous film composite was 2%. In terms of comfort, the surgical gown combined with PTFE microporous film is as comfortable as ordinary clothing.

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