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Application and Characteristics of PTFE Adhesive Tape

1. Advantages of PTFE adhesive tape

Due to its high temperature resistance, PTFE adhersive tape has been widely used in packaging, thermoplastic and other industries. The manufacturing process of PTFE tape is complex, and it can be safely used in overheated places by virtue of its high temperature resistance.

PTFE adhersive tape has good heat resistance (continuous use temperature above 260 ℃), even in the superheated heater can also be used safely. PTFE adhersive tape has good stickiness resistance, melting packaging film "slag" will not stick to the heater. It is also of excellent electrical insulation, good stability, and good durability. Furthermore, it is also easy to maintain.

2. Application of PTFE adhersive tape

PTFE adhersive tape is widely used in packaging, thermoplastic, composite, sealing, heat sealing, electronic and electrical industries. The fabric reinforced PTFE PTFE tape has the characteristics of high strength. It can be used in sizing machine roller, thermoplastic demoulding and other industries. It can be used repeatedly and easily replaced.

Due to the differences in material, style, application and other aspects of PTFE sticky tape, there are corresponding differences in price. In the case of many PTFE tape manufacturers, the price also has a certain connection with the manufacturer.

PTFE adhersive tape is a new composite material with high performance and multi-purpose, which is made of imported glass fiber woven base cloth, coated with imported polytetrafluoroethylene and processed by special process. Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in papermaking, food, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, clothing, glass, medicine, electronics, insulation, grinding wheel slicing, machinery and other fields.

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