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Antistatic Black PTFE Tape

The black PTFE tape is selected from high-quality glass fiber cloth and coated with PTFE resin, which is a high-quality PTFE tape coated with organic pressure-sensitive silicone on one side.

Main features:

1. Whether in high temperature or low-temperature conditions, it still has outstanding controllability, dimensional stability, and good heat resistance.

2. It mold release and sliding properties are excellent.

3. Its non-adhesive side has the excellent electrical properties of PTFE, heat resistance, surface non-stickiness, light corrosion resistance, and water resistance.

4. Its anti-static surface is used for electrical insulation.

Application field:

1. It is heat-sealed by heat sealing, thermoforming, and sealing for food, medicine, and plastic bags.

2. It can be used for the pasting and covering of various high-temperature rollers, heating plates, and stripping workpieces, which can be directly pasted on various large flat surfaces and regular curved surfaces (such as rollers).

3. It can be used to paste chutes, hoppers, and aviation molds and industries such as drums of sizing machines and thermoplastic demolding, which can be used repeatedly and is easy to replace.

4. The black PTFE tape has an anti-static function and is mainly used in the electrical and electronic industries to produce communication components and consumer electronic products to prevent static electricity from accumulating.

Over the years, from research and development to production and sales, as well as post-sales service, Jiangsu Mutiflon Hi-Tech Co., Ltd (Taikangli) aims to build a brand in the PTFE industry and can produce black PTFE tape according to customer needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a purchasing requirement.

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