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5mil Teflon Release Sheet for Prince Castle

  • Teflon Release Sheet
Teflon Release Sheet

5mil Teflon Release Sheet for Prince Castle toaster has quick release property and long lifetime

The Details of Teflon Release Sheet

Teflon release sheet is coated with PTFE on both sides which provides nonstick surface. Our non-stick release sheet contains high level of PTFE coating ensure long lasting nonstick performance. Your high speed toaster produce perfect bun longer by using this nonstick sheet. Material of our release sheet is food grade and safe to use. We also provide OEM service if needed.

Typical color of this prince castle toaster release sheets is silver/black and beige, we offer different sizes to fit various types of high speed toaster like Prince castle, A.J. Antunes Roundup and Marshall Air.

Advantages of Teflon Release Sheet

  • Withstand temperature max 260 ℃(500℉)

  • Nonstick surface, quick release property

  • Reusable for hundreds times

  • Easy to clean

  • Non-toxic and food grade

  • Dishwasher safe

The Specifications of Teflon Release Sheet

Product nameColorSizeTemperatureToaster Type
Toaster release sheetBrown3milx21”x16.75”-73-260℃
Prince Castle 196,197,296,297
Black3milx34.25”x12.75”Prince Castle TX-208,TX230
Prince Castle DCFT-JB

Mutiflon also provides release sheet for Antunes Roundup VCT 1000, 2000 series high-speed toasters

Product nameColorSizeTemperatureToaster Type
Toaster release sheetBlack/silver5milx33”x12.25”-73-260℃
Roundup VCT-2000
Black/silver5milx29.5”x12.25”Roundup VCT-2010
Black5milx19”x12.437”AJ Antunes HCT-2010

Care Instructions of Teflon Release Sheet

  • Do not use above 500℉/260℃

  • Do not contact with flame or heating element directly

The Applications of Teflon Release Sheet

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